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The calendly link below allows you to schedule your chance to paint with Rebecca online.  Note that dates will only appear as available if the meeting times are currently being offered.  See the google calendar to the left for dates when Rebecca will be available. My schedule varies. click here to schedule a class



Re!ease Your Inner Artist! With Rebecca Z-Artist

Have you always wanted to try your hand at art, but didn’t know where to begin? Are you an artist that has fallen into a creative rut? Have you wondered which kind of painting style you should try? Have you wanted to experiment without the commitment of a huge investment in materials? Art class might be just the thing for you!

Join me in exploring various mediums and approaches to fun art projects that may stimulate your inner artist or re!ease your hidden creative self. I will make it easy, and together we will make it fun! Most of my focus is on Watercolor as a foundation for our artistic projects, but some mixed media makes it’s way into our work (because I love mixed media!)

My hope is always to create a positive community and nurturing environment for us to gather and reap the rewards of living a more creative life. Wednesdays mornings, we concentrate on fundamentals of Watercolor with a special focus for those of you who might be just starting out.  Your own personal projects are always welcome in my studio.

Text 843-450-2307 for more information or help with making a reservation.

General Classes Cost: $25 materials available for $5 *price can vary depending on class


Classes take place at my attic studio (there are stairs to climb =) . Located near Barefoot Landing and near Myrtle Beach Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC. Your reservation via calendly will provide the address to my studio.  Contact me via text, email, or phone for help with reservations and directions to the studio if you need them.

Here’s the link to schedule a class with me online:

General Class Descriptions: *Note that these general classes are ongoing and usually take place from September thru April

The Wonder of Watercolor- Basics for Beginners 9 AM -12 PM

Watercolor Wednesdays: Time 1-4 PM

Saturday Watercolor Sessions: Time 1-4 PM

Links to our upcoming Special Events and Guest Workshops:

Feel free to Contact Me with any questions

Here’s the link to schedule a class with me online:


Connect with me on Facebook: @rebeccazartist

Connect with me on Instagram: @rebeccazartist

Pictures from Our Classes:

IMG_1209.jpgIMG_2747.jpgIMG_1837.jpgIMG_2989.jpgIMG_3051.jpgDSC_4574.JPGDSC_4577.JPGIMG_0137.JPGIMG_0141.JPGIMG_4921 copy.jpgIMG_0001.jpgIMG_0002.jpgIMG_0003.jpgIMG_0021.jpgIMG_0095.jpgIMG_0096.jpgIMG_0097.jpgIMG_0166.jpgIMG_6658.jpgIMG_6660.jpgFullSizeRender 115.jpgIMG_6661.jpgIMG_6662.jpgIMG_6684.jpgIMG_6685.jpgIMG_6743.jpgIMG_6746.jpgB4264DA2-888E-43ED-8E7D-CD016711BE86.JPGEBB13016-304C-4541-B3F3-E252F59D7D25.JPG8A756E0C-AB72-484A-842E-1697B86008C7.JPGFC12C4C6-B239-432B-A595-DC505F6E22C0.JPG0F324E50-1B0A-45AE-BDCF-2E24C37451C2.JPGFullSizeRender 116.jpgFullSizeRender 114.jpg197A108B-7903-4A33-9EA3-A805C4FCE7F8.JPGBD89EDF0-47CE-4158-BD00-346FA84A3887.JPGAF3FDBF2-0EA7-4E1C-89E0-3EB07EB8BFA1.JPG5BA4CADC-7E18-4950-B358-044C178A1BFE.JPG6987D81E-E0C0-4B75-B667-63ED9D8D1556.JPGF683E6B4-3E26-4A7D-9134-4141916A0051.JPGC7FAFCAB-162E-4CEC-8D1E-620D6B632AA4.JPGIMG_4664 2.JPGIMG_7958.JPGIMG_7253.JPGIMG_5820.JPGIMG_0018.JPGIMG_0523.JPG0F998E14-DE63-41F0-B1C4-014989BE8A0B.PNGDSC_4477.JPGIMG_1567.JPGIMG_1566.JPGIMG_1565.JPGDSC_4472.JPGrebeccazdybel (1).jpg1581 (1).JPG20131022_160826.jpegAriannaPic 12 brother Helping.jpgIMG_0016.JPGIMG_0125.JPGIMG_0126.JPGIMG_0584.JPGIMG_1896.JPGIMG_1929.JPGIMG_2103.JPGphoto 1-2.JPGphoto 2-3.JPGphoto-5.JPGphoto-7.JPG1581 (1).jpgArty Party Dream Angel Group shot.jpgDSC_4743.jpgIMG_0012.JPG (2).jpgIMG_0021.JPG (2).jpgIMG_0022.JPG (2).jpgIMG_0023.JPG (2).jpgIMG_0139.jpgIMG_0247.jpgIMG_0609.jpgIMG_0939.jpgIMG_1192.jpgIMG_1839.jpgIMG_1841.jpgIMG_1896.jpgIMG_1942.jpgIMG_2101.jpgIMG_2315.jpgIMG_3672.jpgphoto(1).jpgIMG_5986 (1).jpgIMG_0095-3.jpgIMG_0100.jpgIMG_0382.jpgIMG_0389.jpgIMG_0936.jpgDSC_4550.JPGDSC_4554.JPGDSC_4560.JPGIMG_0133.JPGIMG_5950.JPGIMG_5949.JPGIMG_5937.JPG

Can’t see the class slideshow? Click Here to see the Class Pictures Gallery.

Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Rose Korman says:

    HI, Rebecca!

    Do you offer wine and paint parties possibly in an HOA clubhouse? We are in the process of setting up activities for our homeowners and some were interested in painting parties. I had taken a class with you at Art and Soul.

    Thank you,
    Rose Korman

    • Hi Rosie,
      I sure do offer wine and paint parties! I sent you an email, so look for it. I do sometimes bring the party to you, but there needs to be a minimum of 8 pre-paid participants. Call me at 843-450-2307 and we can work on the details. =)

  • Sally Anne Kaiser says:

    Let me get this straight, I can only sign up for classes one week at a time or that month at a time?