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The Eat, Paint & Cook Tour of Tuscany with Rebecca

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Best instructor I've ever come across in my 62 yrs!! Not only is Rebecca very talented, she's also patient, enthusiastic and helpful. Her lessons are engaging, clearly explained and to the point. Try it!! You'll like it!!! Or you may love it, as I do!!!

A Happy Student

Overall (we) would rate our experience as 5/5...The excursions added a nice touch...Not enough hours in the day...We will highly recommend this special vacation.

A Happy Student

Thank you so much for helping me 100 times 100 since I can't express to you enough How your instruction, patience and ever present support and encouragement helped create this.

A Happy Student

I have been studying with Rebecca for almost two years and her instructor skills, enthusiasm, and support are incomparable.

A Happy Student
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Lessons from One of My Favorite Artists- Shirley Trevena

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I am a big believer in studying the art and methods of fellow artists and those you admire. It’s a quick way to make progress and move in a direction you’d like to go. Shirley Trevena is an artist you may already know, and if you don’t, I predict you’ll want to after seeing some of her work! I show you many of her paintings and outline some of what she’s taught me. Included is a list of things she does that I plan to try in future paintings. You may want to try them for yourself! ??

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