Studying Art Energizes Your Creativity

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Studying Art

Energizes Your Creativity

I took a few weeks recently and went to workshops with various talented and generous instructors.  It was a dream to be in the company of so many people whose hearts and minds are preoccupied with making art.  
I made an effort to venture into realms I was not necessarily familiar with or comfortable with.  
Some artists take issue with me when I do this.  I have tried to share my excitement about new discoveries at times with some of my older and more celebrated art friends, and have been astonished at their complacency and disinterest in learning something new.  I literally had someone say to me,” I don’t need to know about that.” …”What in the world?!   How is it possible to be so comfortable?

When does one ever know it all?  

When does learning stop? 

I obviously subscribe to a different drummer.  New information and techniques excite me and stimulate me to work with them and experiment.  Perhaps working one way, and beating the same drum over and over is enough for some people, but I’m just not made that way.  That’s why I think taking classes is so vital in my life.  I not only teach, but I study.  The way I look at it, when I quit learning, I will start dying.  The life of my mind is important to me, and that is not anything I wish to extinguish any time soon.  
The paintings on display here are some recent work born of my time spent in workshops this fall.  How exciting to be doing something new!  If you haven’t taken a class recently, perhaps you might experience a similar sense of invigoration in your creative process by taking the time to absorb something new.  I’d love to see you in class and would welcome your contacting me for more information.  

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