Busy day of painting & a couple pics from Greece!

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This is a cute little spot in an amazingly beautiful medieval town on Chios.  The town is Mesta, and if you get the chance….GO!  I did a quick drawing in pen of this site and can’t wait to paint it!  I also completed an abstracted painting which I will photograph and share another day.
The decorations on this building are very typical of the designs found on all the buildings in the town of Mesta.  The symbols are made with a technique known as “Scraffito”.  It’s a technique used in painting too, where you scratch into the surface to reveal what lies below.  It’s so beautiful and very ornate.  What a great stop!  While there I did another 2 drawings of scraffito covered buildings.  Such fun, but also such a challenge!  I kept having cars park right in front of my line of sight!
I am having some personal breakthroughs while here and just loving encountering the people of Greece on the streets.  They are so warm and friendly.  As we sit in front of their homes and paint, we are generally met with offers of water and sweets.  I have a great story about that I will share another day.  I can’t say enough about painting plein air or out in the open while on vacation!!!  The people I’m meeting are amazing and we have so much in common.  We look at the world through the same lens.  We have writers and poets along with us, and we all share a common perspective. Artists are found in all realms.   What a treat…
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