Awake and Dreaming and Writing Poetry

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Have you ever daydreamed your way into a great idea?  Have you ever paused before waking in the morning and had creative revelations come your way as you laid there…somewhere between sleeping and waking…in that pleasant and relaxed realm?  

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If you have kids and jump out of bed at the last minute with a million things to do, you may not get too many of these moments (I sure didn’t while I was raising my family).  These days, I’ve come to love the morning hours when I’m by myself and before the day begins.  I like to keep it quiet.  I like to let my mind wander.  Maybe it’s meditation.  Sometimes it turns into a prayer, but often its just quiet.  

I have found these times to be especially subject to creative thoughts…ideas for new work, new classes, new themes.  So much so in fact, that I’ve taken to keeping a journal next to my bed.  As with dreams (or honestly, most things I want to remember), I’ve found that unless I write it down, I tend to forget it.  

I was so inspired by my new friends and their poetic creations during my trip to Greece.  Their words were truly beautiful.  I found their poems heartfelt and inspirational. I found myself reminiscing about how I used to write poems as a teenager.  Then I stopped.  I don’t know why, but I can imagine that I just got worried about baring my soul too transparently.   I do love words and I do love writing, so I decided to pass the time on the way home from Greece, not only painting, but trying to describe my love of these morning reveries through poetry.  (It was a REALLY long journey home).

I didn’t have a personification for inspiration, until I looked up the god of inspiration (it seemed appropriate, having just left Greece- home of both gods and poetry).  It was then that the idea of personifying inspiration came to me.  After that, it all fell into place.  What fun!  

Next on my “to-do List”:
I want to let these words inspire a painting…

Victory Song
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Here’s my new poem below.  

The Muse  Rebecca Zdybel

In that space of quiet
Awake and dreaming free 
Abide a while 
Peacefully still 
And linger luxuriantly

Pause and watch the moments slip 
Sense of time now gone
Comes a flow 
of thoughts inspired                                           
Somehow new yet known

Taking shape
Familiar guest
The Muse she beckons me
Her veil aside
Her face revealed
Inspiration now I see

The siren sings
“Come, linger by my shore…”
Songs of brush and pen and theme
 I hear her Whispering roar!

My heart caressed
In a breath dive deep 
No movement made
Its there…
A promise kept
Her generous heart 
Awaits, and its laid bare

Taking shape 
Thoughts—forward press 
Not urgent, yet a surprise 
My grateful spirit 
an open door for
For what the Muse inspires

Pearlsong revealed
I hear her tune,
The lyrics, every line
I float, I smile
Receive as gift
Her song for now its mine

Currents move
I journey on
Away from siren’s shore 
What were those notes? 
They rang so clear 
As if I’d read before

I shift to stay
But force helps not 
So on and on I go,                   
a leaf afloat in currents unknown
I surrender to the flow

Again the notes her song become
Their waters quench my soul
I drink them in
Connection pure
Aware of my new goal

I wake inspired
Our tryst complete
Somehow its now so clear
I smile a lover’s gratitude 
So glad I lingered here…

I can tell you that whether or not you relate to this poem, I had a fabulous time constructing it.  Finding just the right meter and just the right word or imagery, was similar to searching for just the right color or value in a painting.  I definitely felt myself shift into Right-Brain mode when trying to compose.  It was the same way I feel when I am painting or drawing.  Perhaps the Muse visited me.  

Let me know if you can relate to the sensation of inspiration coming to you as a gift, perhaps a heavenly one.  I’d love to hear from you…

Rebecca Zdybel
Artist, Instructor, Art-Travel Instructor
Art Lessons in all media
Myrtle Beach, SC

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