Eating our Way Through Italy

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You may not know this about me, but I love FOOD!  It’s the stuff of life, and in my option:


When in Italy this October, food was a large focus of our trip.  Enjoy these photos of some of the wonderful meals we enjoyed together…  If you’d like to join me next year, SIGN UP TODAY for my 2015 EAT, PAINT, COOK TOUR OF TUSCANY.  Details here on my website- 

Food brings us together!
Breakfast!  Renata makes us a special cake every morning…
Every evening- we gather here with aperitifs before dinner to reflect on the day and the beautiful scenery
Fish with tomatoes and olives

This kind of food is so readily available and so good for you!
After shopping at the Farmer’s market- We have a picnic together in Monterrigioni
Dievole Winery makes great wines and has a beautiful dining room ready for our group! 
Bicerin- espresso, Chocolate, milk…what’s not to love?!
A glaze of balsamic vinegar on this tower of vegetables was so pretty I had to take a photo

Murano glass makes everything taste better- Here I’m in Murano- the home of artisanal glass outside of Venice
A typical cafe in Venice at night- this one was a favorite of ours 
Dinner at San Fedele is an opportunity to gather and have fun together over a great meal

The stage is set for yet another fantastic meal at San Fedele

This wine maker produces a super line of Tuscan wines and a very special wine called Vinsanto- it’s a fortified wine which is carried exclusively by the Ritz Carlton, however, we got to taste it and order some to send home!
Chocolate anyone?  Dessert is on the menu during our cooking class. 
A wine tour of beautiful Dievole Winery in Chianti
Food Art

Gorgeous salad

Good food and beautiful surroundings makes for happy times- here is Ginny and Jim Ward at San Fedele

Dianne Morrell and Becky Conwell made friends on the trip. Coming here as an individual traveler was comfortable and never lonely thanks to our great group. 

If you’d like to join me next year, SIGN UP TODAY for my 2015 EAT, PAINT, COOK TOUR OF TUSCANY.  Details here on my website- our private chef will make sure our meals are fantastic and then show us a few tricks in the kitchen during optional cooking lessons. 

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