How to Draw- Day 1 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Today begins a 30 Day drawing challenge.  It should keep you busy and sharpen your drawing skills as well as your artistic vision.  If you wonder how to draw, then here is my answer…JUST DO IT!  Don’t say…”I’ll try. ” Commit to getting better by practice!  There is no intellectual way to draw better.  There is no substitute for digging in and doing it.  Just like Yoda says, “There is no try…do or do not”…or something like that.  Here’s the clip:


If You Really Want to See the World…Draw It!

I really believe that if we really want to “see the world” the best way to do that is to try and draw it.  When we draw, our ability to really “see” becomes sharper and more sensitive. If you’re like me, then you’ll find yourself looking at things and thinking, “How would I draw that?”  or How might I capture that?”.

I will post 30 days of drawing suggestions.  I am going to limit this 30 days to drawing.  If you draw with a water-soluble ink, pencil or crayon, and want to enliven your drawing with some water or watercolor, you have permission.  Any painting will be for extra credit…and I’d suggest you use a good watercolor sketch pad if that is your plan.  Regular sketch pads will break down if they get too wet.
My favorite sketch pads are Moleskine and Aquabee Super Deluxe pads (they have a maroon cover).  Once you get a pad and a drawing instrument, then you’ll be ready to go…
Have fun and make this 30 days a commitment to yourself.  When I made the commitment, it was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself as an artist.  And, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!  I plan to do it along with you this month, and expect that I’ll get even better at drawing as a result. I hope you’ll end up feeling as if you gave yourself a tremendous gift after you get finished.  =)
Please comment here so we can keep up with one another over the month.  If you share photos with me, I’ll try to include them in the blogs.  If you think anyone else would care to join us, you can include them by sharing the blog from my website to your Facebook page or via email.
Happy drawing!!!
Day 1
Part A-  
Your first assignment is simple.  Draw your shoe.  My friend Kathie George began her 30 Day drawing challenge this way, and I think it’s a great place to begin.  (BTW- she has a fantastic blog you should also follow =)
This first drawing is important because it becomes a record of where you began.  Don’t stress over this, and limit your drawing to about 5-15 minutes.  Most importantly, use a pen.  Using a pen automatically makes us attend to what we are doing more carefully.  When we know we can’t erase, we somehow change our approach and look a little more carefully.  I think looking carefully is always a good thing, so take these few minutes and draw that shoe your wearing.
As you do…note the inner voices that begin to speak to you in your head.  We all have them, and just take note of what they might be saying to you as you draw.  Try not to judge this drawing or the thoughts you have…your first efforts will be a little rusty and judgments need to be reserved till later. I know it’s really hard to look with kindness at your own efforts!  Most of us are our own worst critics.
When you finish, then proceed to part B.
My shoe- I used a Zebra Gr8t Gel black pen in my Aquabee Super deluxe Sketchpad .  I got tired of making hatch marks, so, I used a wet brush to spread the ink out a little and quickly cover more ground.  Beneath the drawing, I made note of some of the things that Negative Nellie was whispering in my ear as I drew…
Part B-
Now that you’ve drawn your shoe you can say, “Whew! Day 1 complete!”
It might be interesting for you to note what negative or positive comments were swirling around in your head as you drew.  I have a Negative Nellie that likes to inject herself on my artistic efforts sometimes.  She is extremely insecure and judgmental.  I often have to tell her to pipe down, and make extra effort to look for things I like about my work to counteract her negative input.  Kathie George has a whole committee in her head that she calls the “IBSC” or (“Itty Bitty Shitty Committee”).  Isn’t that funny?! Whether you have a Negative Nellie or a whole committee weighing in negatively about your work, we all deal with this phenomenon. We all need to overcome it with positive thinking.
I made note of a few of the thoughts that were coming to mind as I drew my shoe.  I listed them below my drawing here…
I believe drawing can be taught.  I believe drawing can be practiced and that you WILL improve the more you do it.  Art is craft, and craft takes practice in order to gain mastery.
Keep this in mind as you look ahead to tomorrow and our next assignment.  Till then, congratulate yourself on beginning this journey.  I’ll meet you here again tomorrow.

Let me hear from you! I read every comment and it means a lot to know you are out there reading.
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