Happy Holidays! – Classes Begin Again in December

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I hope this finds you happy and looking forward to a weekend of stuffing the turkey (and maybe even yourself).  The holidays are wonderful, and yet amid the hustle and bustle we need to make a point of staying in touch with what makes our hearts truly happy during the season.  Need a little PEACE during the holidays?  Art classes, (Otherwise known as Art Addicts Anonymous 😉 will be starting again soon!  It could be just what you need to calm your frazzled holiday nerves… and it’s certainly cheaper than therapy!

I will begin another season of classes with Wednesday Watercolor Techniques and Saturday Sessions starting again in December.  

I’ve missed my art buddies, and it’s time to get back in the swing of things!  I’ll be teaching and demonstrating watercolor techniques using small paintings with holiday themes during the month of December.  Painting small works like these can provide an opportunity to get over ourselves and forget about making every painting a masterpiece.  There’s a lot to be said for simply having fun with water and pigment.  These small works can also be a great warm up to get back in the swing of things and ready yourself for more serious work.

If you decide to paint holiday cards, we will get out the stencils, mix some media, and learn new techniques, or perhaps remind ourselves of techniques we learned before (it’s ok, it happens).



IMG_0021_2        IMG_0036

With over 30 lessons to choose from, these could easily occupy your class time during December, even if you decide to come twice a week.

However, as always, this doesn’t mean that you have to paint what I paint. 

If you’d prefer to work on paintings from previous classes or workshops, feel free to bring them along and I’ll be happy to help you finish or improve them.  If you want to start something new, I’ll get you going and keep a fire lit under you!  Seating is limited so hurry and reserve your seat, and let’s get ready to play in the paint!



Holiday tree 2       my paintings - 247 low resolution         Holiday Tree 5


PS- I will be hosting a new watercolor workshop November 14-18, 2016.  I also have 2 watercolor workshops with guest instructors lined up for 2017 and more in 2018.  Blog subscribers will be given the first notice of all new workshops.

The November 2016 instructor will be the gifted painter of the beautiful paintings below.  This instructor has all kinds of letters after his name…like NWS, AWS, and TWSA.  

Wouldn’t you love to know his secrets?  Can you guess who it is?  You won’t want to miss it!

Pencil in the November dates for this workshop on your calendar.  All of my workshops have sold out with waiting lists, so signing up early is a great idea.  Want to be first in line to register?

The best way to get early notification of upcoming workshop opportunities is to subscribe to this blog.  

I’ll be posting the brochure on the website very soon and will be letting all blog subscribers know more details about upcoming workshops asap.

Stay tuned and stay in touch!                                                                                                                                                                                Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


Market-Boats-Venice 1-Canal-Grande Reflections-of-Naoussa-2


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  • Barb Marks says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Rebecca and all of my wonderful American friends. I can’t wait to see you when my winter classes start in January. Please reserve my space!

    Love and hugs to everyone…

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Barb…though I’m a couple of weeks late for Canadian purposes. I have saved you a seat in January for all Wednesday classes. If your plans change, just keep me posted. Thanks for checking in, and enjoy your holidays. Can’t wait to see you next year!!! ❤️